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Bendy Bones E-Book

Bendy Bones E-Book

Inspired by the author's real-life story about Ehlers-Danlos, this disability inclusion book for kids follows Abigail as she's diagnosed with an invisible disability―and her friends come together to support her.

"This sweetly affirming story illustrates how knowledge and understanding go a long way toward acceptance." -Jules Machias, author-illustrator of Both Can Be True and Fight + Flight

When Abigail is diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos, at first, her classmates don't understand.

Abigail doesn't look like she has a disability. What is her special chair for? How do walk breaks help?

In this kids' book about disabilities, Abigail and her mom bring awareness to her invisible illness-and her friendships grow stronger because of it.


*This is a PDF file.*

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