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Hello! My name is Pey Carter, and I am an advocate, author, and public speaker specializing in mental health, invisible disabilities, and trauma. I have over a decade of professional experience in individual and group support, workshop facilitation, and public speaking.

I’ve faced numerous challenges throughout life, including overcoming trauma and managing multiple chronic illnesses. My passion is using storytelling and narrative justice to raise awareness, foster deeper discussions, and inspire change.

Having struggled with ableism and discriminatory comments throughout my life, I can’t overstate the importance of representation and inclusion that helps shape a more accepting world for our kids.

Representation and resources make all the difference in helping our kids show up for each other so they can grow up unafraid, undeterred, and utterly confident in their right to be loved and belong.

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Master of Divinity with a Concentration in Social Justice and Ethics

Iliff School of Theology


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology-Family Studies

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Prepare Enrich Relationship and Marriage Facilitator

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"Pey Carter is a long-serving and distinguished advocate. Their advocacy extends through several mediums and combines spirituality, fine arts, and public speaking. Pey has trained many units on sexual assault and educated many Congressional members and staff."

Brian Lewis, Military law & VA Claims Appeals Attorney

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