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Conscious Conflict & Healthy Boundaries

In short, boundaries are what we communicate to others about how we want to be treated. It can be physical, emotional, time, and more. Personal boundary work is effective and essential to help navigate conflict and other relationship issues in a way that identifies what you need to work on and how to protect yourself from toxic relationships and situations.

  • Do you feel taken advantage of and have a hard time standing up for yourself?

  • Do you feel resentment because you agree to do things even when you don’t want to?

  • Do you find yourself to requests far too often?

  • Do you fear confrontational conversations?

  • Do you ignore what is important to you to put other people ahead of you?

  • Do you often feel angry, frustrated, resentful, or restricted?

If so, working with a coach who has experience in conflict and healthy boundaries can be extremely helpful. The good news is that, if you haven’t learned how to set boundaries growing up, you can learn, starting right now, but it isn’t a quick fix. Quick fixes don’t work, because what it really takes is deep, inner work so that you grow as a person and in self-confidence.  It can only arise with carefully identifying and attending to your personal boundaries and understanding and respecting others’ boundaries too. If someone is continuously disrespecting your personal boundaries, this can be a red flag for abuse as well as harmful and toxic behavior. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, I can help you learn the skills needed to create and maintain healthy boundaries in personal and professional settings.

In our sessions, we will talk about:

  • The value of having healthy boundaries and consequences of weak boundaries

  • How and when to set boundaries

  • Define physical and emotional boundaries

  • Developing a plan of action

  • How to stop catering to others demands

  • Know your wants, needs and limits

  • Deal with guilt around setting boundaries

  • Learn to be assertive and ways to say no

  • Stop overcommitting

  • Don’t compromise on your values

  • Know you have the right to your own thoughts, feelings, and physical space

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